Family Christian Center School Clermont FL

family christian center school clermont fl

When choosing a faith-based education for their child, a parent is making a very important decision. It’s a decision that says they only want what’s best for their child and are willing to go the extra mile in search of the right private educational institution. The end result is a well-adjusted young adult who’ll carry the lessons learned at a quality faith-based school for the rest of their life. At Family Christian Center School Clermont FL, we’ve been serving our community since 2004 and helping young ones learn Christ-centered lessons as part of the very best faith-based education.

That’s our mission and vision: To keep faith at the center of everything we do. Specifically, our stated mission is this: “To train all students in the highest principles of education, Christian leadership, self-discipline, individual responsibility, personal integrity and good citizenship.”

We’ve seen these principals in action and can assure any parent that we adhere to them on a daily basis. Furthermore, it’s the vision of Family Christian Center School Clermont FL that ties in perfectly with our mission. We strive every day to provide a “safe and nurturing environment for students to experience excellence in education while they grow in faith, character, achievement and purpose.”

Our vision also allows us to provide an “outstanding Biblically-integrated curriculum in an atmosphere that fosters growth in accountability, responsibility, and honorable Christ-like character.” All of us at Family Christian Center School Clermont FL thank you for taking time out to learn a little bit more about what we do and how we can help your child succeed.