Looking for a Faith-Based Education in Clermont FL?

It’s important to feel comfortable when choosing a faith-based educational institution to send your children to. Part of accomplishing this is doing a fair amount of research into your options; the other half is letting the school tell you about its many services and successes. At Family Christian Center School Clermont FL, there’s no shortage in either of those departments. Since 2004, when the faith-based school’s education department began, steady growth in both the facility’s footprint and the number of pupils being educated has been achieved. The K-12 school has been accredited by both AdvancED and the Florida League of Christian Schools (FLOCS); the preschool is licensed by DCF (Florida Department of Children and Families) and is also a member of the Florida League of Christian Schools (FLOCS).

Those who have gone through levels of education at Family Christian Center School Clermont FL are bound to benefit from the leadership, self-discipline and individual responsibility that is instilled along the way. Parents who want to see the values they teach at home carried over during the school day will also feel comfortable knowing that the Christ-centered lessons taught at Family Christian Center School Clermont FL have helped young students grow into successful young adults. Currently, the facility offers a complete education of kindergarten through 12th grade. Safe and nurturing classrooms exist at every grade level and our staff put faith-based lessons to use during these very important years in your son or daughter‘s life.

We know how important it is to see faith put back into education and that’s what we’ve been doing for 14+ years. Our youth need to know how to apply Biblical principles on a day-to-day basis and the education that’s offered at a faith-based school is one of the only ways to teach them how to do so. After reviewing the options, services, courses and lessons taught at our school, we’re certain that you’ll feel comfortable about trusting us to educate your children.

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